Who is answering my messages?

Who is answering my messages?

Dear Spotrs,

today we would finally like to introduce ourselves personally to you. We are Natascha (on the right) and Theresa (on the left). Some of you have probably already read our names in the support. Now it is about time that you see some faces to these names.


Both of us have been part of the Streetspotr team since the beginning of the year. Theresa has been working on Support and Community Management since the beginning, whereas Natascha actually started in another department. Since July now, we have been taking care of your messages and have been trying to assist you in any problem that might come up with the app. Ramona, who already introduced herself in an earlier blog entry, completes our support team.

We are always looking forward to nice messages from you!

Best regards and read you soon,

Natascha & Theresa


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