Tell Me More

Tell Me More

Dear Spotrs!

Our community is becoming bigger and bigger! We’ve almost reached half a million Spotrs!

Thank you for being part of our community! 

So it is about time to make sure, we can continue to offer you the best possible Spots according to your interests and circumstances. We would like to get to know you a little better!

To make this as convenient as possible for your, we developed a little „January-Adventcalender“ you can do wherever you are!  Starting Monday (30.01.17) we’ll have a small survey for you to spot in the app every day – don’t worry they actually are really small! :-)

Every Spotr participating in all of the Spots will take part in a raffle for a pair of personalised Streetspotr-Nikes! Strictly limited edition!

Nikes1 (2) Nikes2 (2)

PLUS: As you seemed to love the powerbanks, we gave away shortly after christmas, we will also hand out three of them again!

The perfect equipment for any spotting – tour! :-)
For your chance to win one of those four prizes, just keep your eyes open: there will be a new „Tell Me More“- Spot everyday!

Note: It is extremely improtant that you finish all 14 Spots as you won’t be part of the selection pool if you don’t! So do not skip any of the Spots, it is not possible to add you in retrospect. Also as always we treat all your data with utmost confidentiality and do not pass it on to companies or third parties. All collected data is used for profiling and a better structure of the community in order to accept more various projects for you!

We already are looking forward to your Spots and a few pictures of the winner wearing his/her new shoes! :-)

Happy Spotting!
Your Streetspotr-Team

P.S.: Yes, we do admit we love Grease! Dear Spotrs: Tell me more, tell me more! o-MUSICAL-NOTES-570


Prize Draw Eligibility Requirements

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Employees and relatives of employees are excluded from contest.
  2. Participants that finish all oft he „Tell Me More“-Spots are added to the selection pool. Every participant has the same chance to win the specified prize. The drawing will be random and cannot be influenced in anyway. It is not possible to win more than once.
  3. Four Participants will receive a prize.
  4. Streetspotr reserves the right to withhold the prize in the event that a participant has manipulated or deceived in order to win the prize. In this event Streetspotr retains the right to select another participant to receive the prize.
  5. The winner of the personalised Nikes has to send Streetspotr a picture of themselves wearing the prize. The picture may be taken and choosen by the winner and does not need to include the face. The winners of the powerbanks may send Streetspotr a picture of themselves with the prize but do not have to.
  6. Streetspotr reserves the right to release the name of the winner. In this case the last name will be abbreviated using the first letter of the last name.
  7. Streetspotr reserves the right to release a picture of the winner with the prize on their social media.
  8. The winner will be announced after the conclusion of the contest by 20.02.2017 at the latest.
  9. The prize will be sent via the post. The winner must for this reason send Streetspotr a postal address within 14 days to allow the prize to be sent. Otherwise the claim to the prize is void. The cost of shipping will be assumed by Streetspotr GmbH, and will in no way be accounted as an additional cost to the winner.
  10. It is not possible to receive the cash value of the prize in exchange for the prize.
  11. The Spots can be completed within their processing time. After this time, the right to participate in the contest expires.
  12. Attempts at deception can lead to the deletion of your Streetspotr account. In particularly serious cases, Streetspotr reserves the right to take legal action against the offender.
  13. The decision is final.

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