They’re back!

They’re back!

Did your New Years Resolutions include being more charitable and kind to others? Well, we’ve got something to help you put this into action!


Our new, old Steps-Spots are back, allowing you to do good while spotting!

The goal of these Spots is to inform people who use wheelchairs and wheeled walkers, as well as families with baby carriages, if a certain location is accessible for them. For this they need to know if there are steps leading to the entrance and if the door is wide enough to allow a wheelchair or baby carriage to pass through.

The information will be published on allowing everyone to be able to access it!


During our last campaigns for Wheelmap we could exceed our results with every new run of the Steps-Spots! This time, we are spot-ing in 8 different countries! Do you think, we can set a new record? :-) is a project of the German nonprofit organization Sozialhelden e.V. (Social Heroes). The Social Heroes think we are a dreamteam – do you think that, too?
Let us know, wether or not you generally like to do some charity in between paid Spots!

Thanks to you guys the wheelmap is filling up with up-to-date and on scene pictures! Thank you for your support! You rock!

Your Streetspotr-Team

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