Newsletter UK

Newsletter UK

Dear Spotrs,


last week we’ve set up a survey for you, because we wanted to know whether or not you’d like to receive a newsletter informing you about all the recently available Spots from us.

Almost 80% of the participants said, they’d appreciate getting an update on available Spots via mail.


Furthermore, we asked you, if you preferred receiving a newsletter regularly or only when new Spots are available, since we do have some quite constant Spots at the moment.

More than 60% of you voted for receiving a newsletter only when new Spots are available.
So from now on, we’ll send you an email giving you an overview of all of the available Spots whenever new Spots start, so you are always fully up to date 😊

Thank you for taking part in this and sharing your opinion with us!

We appreciate your feedback and hope the newsletter will make using the app even more convenient for you!


Happy Spotting!
Your Streetspotr-Team

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