Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Winter’s over… That means it’s time to get fit for Spring by taking part in our Easter Egg Hunt!

How the Easter Egg Hunt will work…

So, winter has finally come and gone (we hope!) and now is the time to start getting active again. Therefore we have planned a little Easter Egg Hunt for our Spotrs this year to be able to get out into that fresh spring air and move around. These Spots will be hidden throughout different cities in the UK. All you have to do is be out there! The Spots will find you 😉 Once you find an Easter Egg, you will be notified via a push notification, which when opened will bring you to the screen to accept and complete the Easter Egg Hunt Spot.  For finding and completing these Spots you will be rewarded with 100 StreetPoints as well as be entered for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8GB Tablet. As we mentioned, there are multiple Spots throughout the UK so you have the opportunity to complete more than one (which will also increase your chances for winning the Samsung tablet!). However, in the interest of fairness we are limiting the amount of Spots per user to 5. The Easter Egg Hunt will start Friday and run through Monday.

Here’s what you need to do to join the hunt…

To join the hunt, you will need to have location services activated for the Streetspotr app on your mobile device. By activating the location services for the app, you will be able to take advantage of Spots that use geofencing. In essence, geofencing is an invisible fence that when entered, exited, or both can trigger the ability to take part in a Spot. This Spot is otherwise invisible, so to be able to do this type of Spot, you need to have the location services and Instant Spot Notifications activated. To make sure your location services and Instant Spot Notifications are turned on, click here (for iOS) or here (for Android).

Important Information

We understand that in this day in age, there is often concern (fair and rightly so) about tracking, recording, and storing of personal information. We here at Streetspotr take your personal information extremely seriously and want you to know that your data will never be sold to a third party. Also, under no circumstances are we tracking your whereabouts 24/7. The purpose of the tracker is to allow us to integrate a new type of Spot which you to go into the tasks without any preconceived notions about what we are expecting. As we will be integrating more and more of these „hidden Spots“ it is to your benefit to leave the settings on all the time so that you are alerted once you have entered/exited a geofenced Spot and are able to accept the Spot.

And always remember…

We just want to make sure that you never forget to have fun while Spotting! 😉


**Please note**

Prize Draw Eligibility Requirements

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and have completed at least one of the 2016 Easter Egg Hunt Spots that are available in the Streetspotr App. Every completed 2016 Easter Egg Hunt Spot will give out one ticket (with up to 5 tickets possible). Employees and relatives of employees are excluded from contest.
  2. All participants that fulfill the requirements laid out in the first point may take part in the prize giveaway. Only when the Spot is successfully completed does the Spotr become eligible for the prize giveaway.
  3. Participants that successfully complete the requirements laid out in the Spot are added to the selection pool. Every participant has the same chance to win the specified prize. The drawing will be random and cannot be influenced in anyway. It is not possible to win more than once.
  4. 1 Participant will receive a prize. The following prize will be given away: Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8GB Tablet
  5. Streetspotr reserves the right to withhold the prize in the event that a participant has manipulated or deceived in order to win the prize. In this event Streetspotr retains the right to select another participant to receive the prize.
  6. Multiple entries, except from the rules pointed out in 1), to increase the chances of winning are not permitted.
  7. Streetspotr reserves the right to release the name of the winner. In this case the last name will be abbreviated using the first letter of the last name.
  8. The winner will be announced after the conclusion of the contest by 01.04.2016 at the latest. The winner will also be notified of their win directly via email (email address registered with Streetspotr).
  9. Every participant receives – independent of prize draw – 100 StreetPoints for the completion of the Spot which enters them into the contest.
  10. The prize will be sent via the post. The winner must for this reason send Streetspotr a postal address within 14 days to allow the prize to be sent. Otherwise the claim to the prize is void. The cost of shipping will be assumed by Streetspotr GmbH, and will in no way be accounted as an additional cost to the winner.
  11. It is not possible to receive the cash value of the prize in exchange for the prize.
  12. It is not possible to re-edit the Spots at any time after they have been submitted.
  13. The Spot can be completed anytime from 25.03.2016 to 28.03.2016 – at 23:59. After this time, the right to participate in the contest and earn the 100 StreetPoints expires.
  14. Attempts at deception can lead to the deletion of your Streetspotr account. In particularly serious cases, Streetspotr reserves the right to take legal action against the offender.
  15. The decision is final.



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