Be a Trendspotr!

Be a Trendspotr!

Dear Spotrs!


This one goes out to all of you who are up to date at all times – you think you know what’s going on in your city?

Prove it!


We started the qualifying stage of a Spot, through which you have the chance to become a member of the very exclusive and unique Trendspotr Community!

You know how we are, when we say exclusive, we mean it.

Per city only 3 to 5 Spotrs can join. Cities included are:


  • Berlin
  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • London
  • Helsinki
  • Copenhagen


Since this is an international set up, the qualifying Spot as well as the follow ups need to be conducted in English.

If you’re living in one of those metropolises, go ahead and ask yourself:

Do I really know my city and the latest trends going around?

Take part in the Action Task: Be a Trendspotr! and know for sure.


As mentioned before, the Trendspotr Community is trend elite, so only a few and very good Spots will qualify for it in the end. So, put some effort in!


We do give you a lot more processing time than usual- to conduct this Spot, you have 24 hours- in case you want to visit a store and take pictures of products or anything like that.

You can earn the unique Trenspotr Badge (yep, that’s the shiny, pretty thing at the top of this entry) as well as 100 StreetPoints for the Spot!

Then-members of the Trendspotr Community will repeatedly get access to well-paid surveys!


Those surveys will usually consist of three parts (general, health, responsibility) concerning one topic. Each of the three parts will pay you 5€.

Therefore, you can earn 15€ per survey, from the comfort of your home!


Right now, the topic is nutrition and diet, while others (e.g. fashion) are waiting around the corner!

So, take a shot at joining the exclusive Trendspotr Community, earn a special Badge and affect upcoming trends!


Happy Spotting!
Your Streetspotr Team


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    la zu

    Hello lovely trendspotrs and team,
    I ve recieved the push message for a very lucrative trend spot opportunity but I can t find it anywhere. I can t open the push up nor can I see it in the app? how do I open this survey in order to bring u the best content?

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