So, you’ve always wanted to be a pro?

So, you’ve always wanted to be a pro?

Now you can: The beta phase for Streetspotr Pro is starting!

What is Streetspotr Pro?

Streetspotr Pro is a status within the Spotr community that identifies you as a particularly experienced and qualified Spotr. Everyone in the Spotr community has the possibility to obtain the Streetspotr Pro Status.

What are the advantages of being a Pro Spotr?

  • Reserving Spots: As a Pro Spotr you have the possibility to reserve Spots (only paid ones, though, not StreetPoints-only Spots) straight from your couch! If you already know that you will be at the location of the Spot today and you want to make sure you get the Spot, you can reserve it from anywhere in advance. Of course you’ll still have to complete the Spot at the location (we will continue to check that ;-)). However, if you reserve a Spot and you don’t complete it, your commitment score will decrease and you may lose your Pro status. So, you should make sure to complete all of your accepted Spots
  • Time to Spot: As a Pro Spotr, you’ll get twice as much time to conduct and upload a Spot as a „No-Pro“ does
  • Fame and Glory: Being a Pro Spotr is a prestigious status within the Spotr-Community! In addition, your profile will be set apart from all other Spotrs and you will get the Pro-badge
  • Additional Advantages: Stay tuned, we are planning to add more benefits for our „Pros“

How many Spots can I reserve? Is there a limit?

How many Spots you can have in progress at once stays the same. This means the following for all Pro’s:

1000 => 20 Spots
2000 => 30 Spots
5000 => 50 Spots

How can  I become a Pro Spotr?

The Pro Status will be awarded to all Spotrs who fulfill a number of preset criteria which are calculated dynamically. This means that all the criteria that make you a Pro have to remain fulfilled in order to sustain the Pro status. In case you don’t fulfill the requirements at a specific time, you will loose the Pro status, but you can win it back by meeting all criteria again. You will receive an email about your status changes in each case.

What are the criteria?

  • Experience: In this case, your experience plays the biggest roll. The score is calculated through the StreetPoints you have already accumulated.
  • Quality: Here the critical factor is how frequently your Spots are either rejected and whether or not you have corrected them after they are rejected. Unpaid Spots don’t play any roll in this case.
  • Commitment: To this point, your „drop-out behavior“ is valued. What that means is, how often do you accept a Spot without completing it. In the end, this does not play a large roll when you accept a Spot and then immediately cancel it. The most important factor is that you complete the Spot as quickly as possible. The later the Spot is ultimately aborted, the worse your commitment score is affected.
  • Activity: Lastly, it is important to us that you are active in the app. Naturally, as a Pro Spotr you should check the app regularly :-)

Where can I find how far away I am from becoming a Pro or what I am missing so I can meet the criteria?

Every Spotr can see his or her StreetScore in the app, that way they know in which area(s) they may still be missing points. For receiving the Pro status, each category must reach a specific StreetScore. How exactly the algorithm is designed between the different factors is our little secret :-)

How often is my StreetScore updated?

The StreetScore is based on your performance within the last 4 weeks. The StreetScores will be updated every Monday and you will see whether or not you have reached, maintained or lost your Pro status. This way, you will always you have the chance to become a Pro Spotr again!

When does it start?

Very soon! With the next app update, the StreetScore will become accessible and all of the Pro features will become available. The individual evaluation levels of the StreetScore will at first only be visible for yourself, while the total score in the profile will be available and visible for everyone. Streetspotr Pro is in BETA status. This means, that, based on your feedback, we can be making  small tweaks our algorithm. We’ll inform you if something changes.

We look forward to your feedback in emails to support, in the StreetNews and here in the comments section! :-)

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